Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 3 # Photos & Images

I have taken so long to get here because I was having so much fun playing with flikr . I can't believe that this has opened up such a vast aray of options . Now I know how to find and send photos from the net or from my personal files to anywhere I want . I guess this would have to be the most interesting piece of technology that I have come across this week . This is all so fantastic I can't wait to conqure my next step .

Mighty Mouse

My Passion

I chose this picture because it depicts my greatest passion , quilting . Iam currently working on a queen size sampler quilt which , due to lack of time , is taking a lot longer than I would like . However I have now started working on a cot quilt for my next expected grandchild which should be completed much sooner . Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here at last

Well , I can't believe that I have finally arrived at this spot , after many trials and lots of errors , but now I know that it was all worth the effort because I'm very proud of myself , and , hopefully things can only get easier from here .
Re the seven and a half habits . I think that the easiest one for me will be the goal setting because we need to keep focus on what we hope to achieve at the end of our journey . The hardest will be finding the correct technology to use to advantage because I have yet to catch up with everything that is available at our fingertips these days . However , my intentios are to break out of the box and sail easily through this world of knowledge .

Minnie mouse